Spread of magazine Designer's music, musicianś design
Animation of Joe Glass poster with custom typeface used
Lexi Toxi photo book with neon green cover and custom typography heading
Joe Glass Merch poster. Glass color on white paper. Experimental typography used on poster
Poster for Criterium Race. Illustration and typography in black and white color.
Animation from Diary 9. Woman who is addicted to prescription drugs is falling into them
Custom lettering design for title of movie Maverick
Poster for non profit organization Good Day. Times New Roman and Helvetica used with experimental compostition.
Poster for Mixmag concert. Graphic design composition with colorful background.
Animation of typefaces from Typomeniny. Custom letterings change on blue background.
Wall with posters of Cinematik movie festival. Big typeface on abstract shapes.
Animation of booklet design ofJustice album  Cross. Black and white geometric shapes scroll down.
Picture of use of DODO typeface. Brutalist architecture picture with big geometric typeface.